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The Coffees

Peruvian Organic
A medium-bodied coffee possessing a smooth richness, fine tangy aroma and lively acidity which is never aggressive. Produces a well rounded cup, and brings out the best in other beans when used in a blend.
Guatemalan Organic
Grown at altitudes 4,500 feet or higher. A medium to full-bodied coffee, distinctively aromatic, lively and tangy with soft acidity and an almost spicy/smoky flavor. Widely considered to be the perfectly balanced coffee.
Mexican Organic
Grown in the High Sierras of Southern Mexico. A light to medium-bodied coffee with a pleasantly sharp, acidy tone, and a lightly nutty flavor & aroma. Delicate. It’s a flavorful cup. Should be served black.
Ethiopian Organic
Grown in the Ethiopian Highlands. A medium-bodied coffee with a smooth, pleasingly palatable acidity and a distinct, soft winey character. Nice lively after-taste. Exciting.
Fair Trade Tanzanian Peaberry
Peaberry is a type of coffee bean. Most coffee trees produce cherries with two seeds or “beans” as we know them. These are called “flat berries.” Occasionally, cherries will produce only one seed, known as a peaberry. These special coffee beans are slightly smaller than the norm, but pack a more concentrated flavor.
Java Organic*
A fine mountain-grown Arabica bean, becoming increasingly rare. A rich and smooth full-bodied coffee, exhibiting a thick syrupyness, exquisite acid balance, and a deep, fragrant, complex aroma, with subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate. Slightly smoky/spicy flavor.
Sumatra Organic*
Hand-tended Arabica bean. A uniquely heavy-bodied coffee with low acidity and pleasant nutty aroma. This coffee possesses a distinctive, syrupy, exotic flavor. Truly Unusual.

The Dark Roast

The French Roast*
The flavor is distinguished more by the degree of roast than by the particular beans used. However, a blend of dense, hard, Arabica beans are used in our French Roast. These beans are found to stand up best to the heat and duration of the roast while developing that signature ‘dark-roast’ flavor … a flavor dominated by a smoky, “burnt,” quality. Not for the meek of palate.

The Blends

Latin American Blend
A medium-bodied blend of coffee beans grown exclusively in Central America. This blend possesses a well balanced flavor which highlights the bright, almost sweet acidity typical of the best Central American coffees. The taste is clean, light and zesty.
Indonesian Blend*
This is a smooth, complex, full-bodied blend of coffee beans grown exclusively in Indonesia. Its subtle nuttiness, gentle depth and slightly dry flavor make it a splendid example of the combination of qualities that distinguish the best Indonesian Arabica beans.
Mocha Java
The Classic flavor of our Ethiopian bean is combined and balanced with our earthy Java bean to create the world’s oldest and most famous coffee blend. Everything depends on the quality of the components, and in this case the result is a delicious full-bodied blend with chocolate overtones on top of rich and complex flavors.
EquiTerra Blend
This is our fullest-bodied, most complex blend. Coffees from the three growing regions are carefully blended to create a brew evocative of various regional characteristics yet distinct from any single classification. Hence the Name “EquiTerra,” meaning Equal Earth. We combine the rich nuttiness and complexity of Indonesian coffees with the snappy tang of Central American coffees and a touch of fruitiness typical of East African coffees. The result is a robust and well balanced blend with a deep, resonant aroma. The flavor is hearty and well structured, yet elegantly refined.
The Morning Blend*
The undeniably distinctive Morning Blend combines light and dark roasted coffees, creating a complex, hearty coffee. This blend gets it’s character from the rich, robust and well balanced EquiTerra Blend mixed three to one with the French Roast for that vital, soulful kick!
UniTerra 60/40*
Our most popular blend among the serious coffee lovers… this blend is 60% Indonesian coffee and 40% French Roast. The Indonesian coffees provide the full bodied, nutty richness and the French Roast once again provides that soulful kick. But this time, even more so! This blend is recommended to all the West Coast transplants, and people who just don’t get it from the Morning Blend anymore. It is equally satisfying when brewed in an espresso maker or a drip pot.

* Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated also available

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