The Fair Trade Coffee Company

Est. 2001


Fair Trade Certified Teas

The Fair Trade Coffee Company has partnered with Choice Teas — a Seattle-based Company — to bring you the finest in “Fair Trade Certified” and “Certified Organic” Teas.

As with Coffee… Fair Trade Certification guarantees fair wages for workers, improving their opportunities for better healthcare, housing, and education.By choosing Fair Trade tea, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of tea growing communities. Choice Fair Trade, Organic Teas come from mountain top gardens tended by traditional methods. Without chemicals, tea growers practice careful topsoil management and weed control, creating a balanced environment. With expertise and very diligent care, they achieve exceptional teas. Choice Teas are certified as organically grown by an independent third party. A thorough audit trail follows the tea from the gardens of origin to your cup, and every aspect of the cultivation, handling and packaging is carefully inspected to insure the integrity of this organic product. Choice Teas are independently certified by TransFairUSA. All tea bags are made with unbleached natural fibers (16 tea bags per box).