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Fair Trade Wholesalers and Retailers

Although more and more companies are becoming involved in the fair trade movement and becoming either a retailer or wholesaler of these products, there is still a long way to go before we reach a reasonable level that will have a major impact. Many countries still do not understand or are not conscious of the importance of assuring a living wage for the producers in third world countries. One cannot think only of how much money comes back into their store, but also how the products they sell are going to impact the rest of the world for the future.

The reasoning is simple behind that because if these producers in other countries cannot sell their products for enough money to make a living wage, they will be forced to seek other ways for providing for their families. If they fail to do that, they are still going to lose their farm, so either way the consumer is going to lose if the producer is unable to market his products.

Support Socially Responsible Business

The best way to accomplish this is to get this started is by patronizing a fair trade coffee company since coffee is one of the biggest sellers in most of the civilized world. By encouraging consumers to purchase products from company that is a certified fair trade wholesaler or retailer, it sends the message to the rest of the world that you care what happens in the production of the goods you use or consume.

For example, if you drink Starbucks coffee, be sure that the fair trade logo is displayed in the store. If you do not see the proof that you are purchasing fair trade coffee, take your business elsewhere. Although an Internet search shows some Starbucks coffee to be fair trade, other reports state that it not only varies by country but that not all of the cafes serve it. Since it’s quite difficult to tell when a product is served to you already prepared, be sure and look for the logo before you buy.

Other Industry Examples

Aside from the coffee industry, the textile industry is largely impacted by low wages and what is known as “sweatshop” labor. In some countries, children are being worked sixteen to twenty hours a day to produce the sneakers you wear on your feet. In countries where fair trade is prevalent, this practice does not occur. The employees are paid a fair wage and have decent and safe working conditions in return for their hard work. Not only that, but the producer of the raw material is paid a fair price for his product in order to allow him to sell at a fair price. It always starts with the raw material in the textile or any other manufacturing business, so everyone must be willing to cooperate from the producer down to the wholesaler and finally the retailer.

Fair Trade Gifts Online

Many of these products can be purchased in an online store, including many gift items. In many cases, these products are cheaper than the prices in the stores, and the convenience makes it an easy decision as well. Also, not every state has a fair trade retail outlet, so the online store may be the only way for some people to purchase these fair trade items. No matter how you do it, do right for third world countries and buy their products from a fair trade store so that you know a producer is getting paid more fairly for his goods.

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