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Peruvian Organic Coffee: A Light Delight

Peruvian Organic Coffee: A Light Delight

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When searching for a premium organic coffee, you have numerous options from which to choose. In today’s coffee-saturated marketplace, you can find a myriad of flavored natural coffees from around the world. As a result, you might wonder whether a Peruvian organic variety is worth checking out. Thankfully, the answer is an emphatic “yes.” Once you switch to a Peruvian variety, you may never want to try another type of organic coffee.

You should be aware of the fact that Organic Peru La Florida Fair Trade coffee is highly sought after—despite intense competition among growers for the hearts—and taste buds—of coffee drinkers. Peruvian organic coffee is light and smooth, so it’s the type of coffee that easily attracts followers. The coffee has a pleasing medium body with floral accents. Yet, it retains an earthiness that makes it a real joy to savor on a cold winter night.

Organic Peru La Florida coffee originates in the Chanchamayo Valley east of the Peruvian capital of Lima. It is processed through a high-quality monitoring program which is free of chemical fertilization and chemical-filled pest control. The coffee is planted in rich soil using the simple organic techniques that typically result in a top-grade crop.

It is interesting to note that Peru has not been in the gourmet coffee market for very long. However, word of the richness of the Peruvian blend quickly spread, leading the country to export a large amount of organic coffee. The coffee has a low acid content and is quite aromatic with a smooth finish, making it particularly popular. Its sweetness, too, sets it apart from other varieties of specialty coffee.

It is true, though, that, just because a coffee is labeled as organic, that does not mean that it is inherently better. Even the title “Fair Trade” is not a guarantee of quality. Therefore, a coffee lover must be careful that the coffee he or she is buying from Peru is of a high grade. Thankfully, top-notch Peruvian coffees are actually plentiful.
Peruvian organic coffee is typically cultivated in shady areas, where the soil is naturally quite fertile. Because of the leaf-cycle of the native trees, organic matter easily collects in the soil, making it quite rich. The coffee that is produced under these conditions is known for its bright notes as well as its depth. Interestingly enough, it can handle a darker roast quite well.

Of course, at this point you might be asking yourself: Why buy organic coffee? The fact is, under normal circumstances, coffee is the most chemical-filled food item in the world. Synthetic petroleum fertilizers are frequently used in coffee production, creating an unappetizing chemical cocktail. Therefore, organic coffee is a wonderfully natural alternative to the typically chemical-soaked fare.

Environmentally-conscious coffee drinkers may also be concerned about the fact that the mainstream coffee industry has depleted the rainforest. This is because the forest is being decimated to make room for sun-resistant coffee trees. By buying organic, you may be helping to sustain and replenish the world’s rainforests, thereby helping to protect the planet with each cup of Java you drink. Try some Ethiopian Organic today!

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