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Tanzanian Peaberry

Tanzanian Peaberry is a wonderful blend of organic coffee, shade-grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and sourced from small farmers in Tanzania, East Africa, who are paid three times fair-trade value!

Tanzanian Peaberry is special because it is rare. Only 10% of coffee beans are peaberry beans. These wet-processed beans flourish in a precise climate ideal for growing such peaberry coffee beans, and since they grow so well there, the quality is sophisticated in every bean.

Its rich, distinguished flavor gives this coffee optimal taste and aroma. It is lively and savory, with nice bright acidity and medium body. It starts with a wine-like introduction and finishes with a rich strawberry and orange zest finish. It has many of the winey fruit flavor notes of a Kenyan bean, but with a lighter acidity. While neighboring Kenyan coffee has a tangier zest to it, Tanzania Peaberry beans have a lighter acidity.