The Beauty of Sumatra Organic


The Beauty of Sumatra Organic

A Featured Fair Trade Coffee

According to an Ethiopian legend, a goat herder named Kaldi discovered that his goats seemed to become quite frisky after eating coffee berries. As a result, this adventurous herder decided to sample the berries himself. He then disclosed his secret to a monk, who learned to grow and grind the coffee to perfection.

The name itself conjures up all sorts of romantic images: Sumatra. But, even if you’ve never been to Indonesia, you can enjoy the richness of Organic Sumatra Mandheling Fair Trade coffee. In fact, once you’ve sipped this exotic brew, it’s likely you’ll want to have your cup re-filled again and again. Quite frankly, it’s the type of coffee that you can instantly fall in love with. And you may forever hold some affection for the server who brought you your first cup of this lovely beverage.

Sumatra organic coffee is naturally-processed and grows in an area known as Sumatra. The name Mandheling refers to an ethnic group native to the region. This coffee is considered to be a real stunner by coffee experts around the globe. It is incredibly full-bodied and is known for its heavy, syrupy consistency. This coffee contains very little acid, so it is quite pleasing in taste. The flavors of the coffee seem to blend together in a perfect mix.

Sumatra Mandheling is so smooth in nature it has actually been called creamy. Its deep aroma makes the coffee-drinking experience amazingly satisfying. This specialty coffee is grown according to fair trade principles—so it should satisfy your as well as your taste buds. Interestingly enough, Sumatra Mandheling has also been labeled blue-ribbon kosher—which can be quite a selling point for some coffee drinkers. Imagine a coffee that is not only satisfying—but kosher, too!

You may not realize it, but Sumatra coffee is not limited to the Mandheling variety. Some coffee drinkers are positively captivated by organic Sumatra Gayoland—Fair Trade. The full city roasts variety emphasizes the coffee’s sweet fruity accents, while the ebony roast is reminiscent of earth, leather, and tobacco. It’s been said that Sumatra Gayoland is the perfect coffee to serve to red wine-lovers at the conclusion of dinner. Because this coffee is smooth, yet heavy, it can complement liqueurs, cakes, or even cigars.

The coffee produced in Gayoland is semi-washed and, therefore, follows in the Sumatran tradition. While the coffee bean is still fresh, the fruit is removed. The coffee is quickly fermented and washed so that fruit can be released; then, the beans can be dried so that they can be prepared for export. If you were to look through a bag of these green beans, you might be amazed at how they glisten. In fact, it’s been said that the beans look much like tiny pieces of jade or blue-green glass. The Gayoland coffee is also known for its fresh aroma, which may make a coffee drinker feel as if he or she is actually sipping Java in the jungle.

The coffee of Gayoland is quite smooth, which can make it easy to become accustomed to. Yet, its fruity aromas and sweet earth tones make it more interesting than a number of other varieties of coffee. At first, you might think of this coffee as being an exclusively “holiday coffee.” Still, chances are you’ll be yearning for some more—long after the holidays have passed. Try some Sumatra Organic today!

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