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The Java Organic Wonders of Timor Coffee

The Java Organic Wonders of Timor Coffee

A Featured Fair Trade Coffee

In the past decade or so, the Java organic market has exploded. The number of varieties available now is simply mind-boggling. What is equally encouraging is the fact that a number of small countries are entering the gourmet coffee business—to the delight of many committed coffee drinkers.

There is certainly a novelty factor involved when you select a Third World coffee. But, once the novelty has worn off, the coffee must be of exceptional quality if it is to continue attracting customers. Fortunately, the coffee of East Timor fits into that category—a fact not lost on the coffee-buying public.

If you are the adventurous sort, you might want to test out a cup of organic Timor Maubesse—Fair Trade. This coffee is certified organic, meaning that it is entirely chemical-free. That means that you can sip your java without having to worry about your body being flooded with harmful pesticides and other chemical agents. The coffee comes from trees that are shade-grown and is priced according to a fair trade policy.

Interestingly enough, organic Timor Maubesse coffee has become a best-seller, despite little in the way of major publicity. But what about the taste? The organic Timor Maubesse is considered to be full-bodied with a subtle amount of spice. A natural acidity also helps to balance the flavors of the brew. Veteran coffee drinkers note that Maubesse tends to be quite smooth—in fact, much smoother than you might expect. Generally speaking, the coffee is best at a full-city roast, although it can also be roasted light or medium, given its incredible versatility.

At present, it can be difficult to find information about organic Timor Maubesse, along with related info. However, the coffee is enjoying a great deal of word-of-mouth advertising. Consequently, even though the Timor coffee industry may seem as if it’s a fledgling operation, it has a number of devoted followers. And you could soon be one of them!

Starbucks, the favorite den of sophisticated coffee drinkers, has helped to boost the East Timor coffee industry by selling java produced by the Cooperative Café Timor. That’s a national coffee federation that has been helped by the National Cooperative Business Association.

The Timor Lorosa’e brand is considered to be a single-origin item. It is also organically grown and fair trade-certified. The coffee is known for its range of distinctive flavors. Thanks to the Starbucks connection, it is now enjoying popularity in venues around the country.

Thanks to the National Cooperative Business Association, the cooperative has increased from 800 families to tens of thousands. These family coffee farmers are organized into nearly 500 producer groups and 16 organic cooperatives. As a result, the coffee growers of East Timor have established one of the biggest organic coffee exporting groups on the planet.

Socially-conscious coffee drinkers may seek out Cooperative Café Timor Lorosa’e because they want to do all they can to bolster the Third World economy. But for others, the beverage simply represents one of the best coffees around. Try some Java Organic today!

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