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The Magic of Guatemalan Organic Coffee

The Magic of Guatemalan Organic Coffee

A Featured Fair Trade Coffee

You might call it as smooth as silk stockings…as spicy as an apple cake…and as smoky as a Cuban cigar. It’s the medium-bodied coffee known as Organic Guatemalan HB Huehuetenango—Fair Trade, and it offers a taste sensation you’re unlikely to forget. Its bright, rich flavor has made it a staple in pantries around the world.

This specialty coffee is grown in the mountains of northern Guatemala near Mexico. It is actually considered to be one of the best coffees to ever come from Central America. The coffee bean is hearty with a bright acidity and oak-like finish. It also has just a touch of nut-inspired flavor, making it especially enjoyable to savor in the mornings. Given the fact that dark roasting tends to neutralize the acidity, experts say that the full city roast seems to be best.

It has been said that if you desire a fruity Central American blend, you are most likely to discover it in Huehuetenango. In addition to being quite aromatic, the coffees harvested there are known for their delicate floral accents. The coffees also have a pleasing aftertaste, which is particularly important if you relish drinking cup after cup of coffee each day. The Huehuetenango coffee most resembles the Yirgacheffe. This is because it boasts a light body, a captivating aroma, and a fruit-mixed-with-honey flavor.

When you purchase Guatemalan coffee, it is important that you buy a coffee that is certified as organically grown. This means the coffee will be 100-percent chemical free. This guarantee is based on the work of inspectors who examine the soil, leaf, and beans for signs of chemical waste. The inspectors also routinely inspect roasting facilities to ensure that the coffee is, indeed, chemical-free.

In general, you should buy from companies that sell coffee harvested from natural, non-sun resistant coffee trees that have been grown in the shade of rainforests. It is also advisable to buy coffee that has been produced in line with European processing standards, to assure that you are getting the highest-quality coffee available.

Fair Trade coffees may be bought by companies at a premium—as much as three times the highest market price for customary coffee. As a result of this, Guatemalan coffee growers can receive better wages and enjoy a better overall quality of life. This is often important to organic coffee drinkers, who want to ensure that coffee farmers receive fair treatment in the marketplace. After all, fans of organic products also tend to be supporters of fair trade practices.

Obviously, if you are environmentally-conscious and concerned about the development of the Third World, you may gravitate to a Guatemalan organic coffee. But, in the end, the chief selling point for such coffee is its taste. And the coffee planters of Guatemala have produced a product that has a taste that is truly incredible—cup after cup. Try some Guatemalan Organic today!

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