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The Mexican Jumping Coffee Bean

The Jumping Mexican Coffee Bean

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When you think of the country of Mexico, numerous images may come to mind– sombreros, enchiladas, mariachi bands, flamenco dancers, to name a few. But what you may not realize is that the great nation south of the border is also home to some amazing organic coffee. Granted, Mexican coffee beans may not jump out of a roaster—but, when roasted, ground and brewed, they could cause you to jump right out of your futon.

Mexican organic coffee comes from the south central and southern regions of the nation. As a result of this, the coffee you’ll find in Coatepec and Veracruz is far removed from the variety you’ll discover in the Oaxacan Plumas or the Chiapas. It’s important to note that Mexico is among the largest producers in the world of certified organic coffees. Since the U.S. is so geographically close to Mexico, it can benefit from some of the nation’s richest varieties.

Organic Mexican S. Augustin Loxicha—Fair Trade is a variety that is simply out of this world in terms of taste and quality. In fact, the Oaxacan micro-region of Loxicha in San Augustin is considered one of the best sources of organic coffee around. The coffee is generally rated SHG, which means Strictly High Grown—that’s the highest grade for altitude.

What makes this organic Mexican coffee so delectable is the hint of milk chocolate and almond flavors you’ll find within it. As a result, it’s the perfect coffee for sophisticated drinkers. In fact, it can make a really fine espresso—even though it is wet-processed. And it has the type of modern sensibility that tends to appeal to the Starbucks generation.

Because the coffee is organically grown, it is not uniformly green. Also, occasionally you’ll find an odd seed within a bag of this coffee. However, such defects should not impact the coffee’s ultimate roast capabilities.

Coffee experts caution that you have to be careful if you expose this coffee to a great deal of roast. That’s because the chocolate within the coffee can become bittersweet to the taste and can give rise to a pungent flavor. In other words, over-roasted organic Mexican coffee can seem a little tar-like.

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When it comes down to it, this variety of Mexican coffee is highly prized because of its moderate acid balance and its tangy taste. The finish is considered aggressive—but pleasantly so, given the fact that it is at a full-city roast. In other words, it is a hit, and climbing the charts.

Mexican coffee—as well as other gourmet brands—is actually increasing in popularity in the U.S., thanks to the surge in sophisticated coffee houses. In fact, during the five-year period from 1997 to 2002, the retail volume of coffee sales increased 37 percent.

When you purchase a bag of organic Mexican coffee, be prepared for a truly memorable taste sensation. Those who routinely drink Mexican brew say that it represents a taste like no other. Sipping your authentic Mexican java, you may feel inspired to engage in a Mexican hat dance or serenade your sweetheart under a bedroom balcony. Try some Mexican Orgainic today!

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